Posted on May 5, 2020 in RINGLING COLLEGE OF ART

Well … here we are … in the middle of a lockdown due to a virus called Covid-19. All of my wedding clients have successfully rescheduled their spring and early summer dates to fall and early winter (hopefully the crisis will be over by then!) so I pretty much have a WIDE OPEN schedule. Enter spring cleaning! So while I was spring cleaning, I came across my old college art portfolio, safely tucked into the back of the closet.

Portfolio 1

It’s incredibly organized – I had further divided it by subject and each piece was carefully protected with tissue paper.

Portfolio 2
Portfolio 3

My daughter was VERY intrigued and excited with my discovery, as she is interested in pursuing art herself – even thinking of going to Ringling like I did! That makes my heart so very happy! After reminiscing all of my fond memories of art college (there were also several pieces of art in there from before college-even a few pieces from high school!), I decided that this art doesn’t deserve to be buried in the back of a closet!

So … Cheryl Meier Art is born!

I am officially creating this website to display and share my lifetime of art. Most of my art has been scanned and saved (somewhere … I will have to find it!), so it should be a pretty straight forward process to get this all organized and onto this site!

Portfolio 4
Portfolio 5

I’m also planning on blogging my various “artventures” here in this blog. If it has to do with art in any way shape or form, I will be talking about it here, so stay tuned for more to come!