This gallery contains the work I completed while at North Point Media. My roles are defined under each project.

WCC 10B4

North Point Media serviced 5 church campuses, and each one had a 10B4 – a film that played 10 minutes before the worship services started. Each church had 5 of these 10B4 films, educating the audience on various environments and programs the church offered. Since they all looked the same aside from color, I am only including one piece here.

I was assigned the task of taking all the 10B4 films for each campus, update them with the most recent and relevant B-Roll footage, and then create blank template Premiere Pro files for each film so that they could be updated with future B-Roll footage. After that was completed, I organized the films onto separate hard drives, and then personally delivered the hard drives to each of the campuses. These packages were to be used by each individual church’s media department to update on their own going forward, as North Point Media was no longer going to be providing that service to the campuses.


For this project, I was given the graphics package. My role was to take the graphics, find and select B-Roll footage from the recent Canopy event that was filmed at Buckhead Church, select the music, and edit the final film incorporating the graphics with the footage.

BE RICH 2018

Be Rich is North Point Ministries most extensive project of each year and includes the hands of multiple artists with many talents!
I had several roles in this project.
Filming: Going on location to shoot on campus b-roll footage; providing crew assistance on major shoot days
Editing: Preparation of the footage for the lead editor, which included culling and selecting the best B-Roll footage from hundreds of clips captured both locally and internationally, laying down the rough edit of this b-roll footage, Rough edit of check deliveries, and finally, setting up the interviews edit which included syncing the footage and audio.


I worked on three films for the Decatur City Church campus. The first two are independent of one another and the last two are the same film, with different presentations (see description below for DECATUR CITY #3).

DECATUR CITY #1: I updated all of the graphics to reflect Decatur City Church’s new branding. The original graphics matched those of the Woodstock City Church’s graphics from the 10B4 (see above). I changed all the fonts and colors, and animated the new graphics using After Effects. I also contributed to shooting some of the on campus b-roll footage that was used in the film.
In this film, I did all of the editing and color correcting using Premiere Pro.

These two film links represent the same project. This was a piece that was used as part of a live music event. The first film is just what North Point Media worked on and only includes the edited film and graphics. The second film is the live performance where you can see how the graphics were integrated. On this piece, I contributed by shooting some of the B-roll footage that was chosen for the edit.


This piece was created in Cinema 4D – an outline of the Gwinnett County lines. I was given the model and was assigned the task of creating 10 different camera moves within Cinema 4D. I then handed it off to the editor who decided which camera moves to include, added lighting, text, and special effects for the final render. After that, I did another editing pass where I adjusted/tweaked the edit to sync with a music track.