Posted on Jun 2, 2021 in FIGURE DRAWING, PROCREATE

Getting back into figure drawing! The local figure drawing group finally resumed sessions, so I was able to attend that (not sharing anything that I did because … wow … I am RUSTY!) … and the timing was awesome as Proko just launched their new website and community with loads of great livestreams, one of which was Lane Brown … who I have been following on Instagram for quite awhile now.

Lane Brown
His figure drawings are amazing and today he demonstrated figure drawing on Procreate with his charcoal brush set. I ended up buying the brush set … also a Procreate drawing board (Sketchboard Pro), which I discovered through the live chat with other watching artists … and finally, the iPad paper-like screen covers. So … basically … I’m all set up to get back into it on the digital side of things! I’ve discovered the local state university’s Visual Arts center has live drawing sessions on Thursdays for free (awesome!) so I start that on Thursday. Time to get some great figure drawings done!