Posted on Apr 8, 2021 in FIGURE DRAWING, JENNA'S ART

I’m going to be teaching Jenna how to draw the figure this summer, and she is really worried about the nude aspect … understandable since she is just 17! I was hoping the Alpharetta Figure Drawing Group would resume in person drawing, and so far there have been minimal updates … but … that would still expose her to a nude right off the bat, which I think she would find incredibly anxiety provoking.

So that had me turned on to something online, and I think I found the perfect course … Stan Prokopenko’s Figure Drawing course. I purchased and previewed it yesterday. I also purchased the model packs which have the models’ private parts covered as well as nudes. I think it will be the perfect baby step into transitioning to draw from a live nude. I’m also excited because in my preview of the course, he’s a great teacher. She will learn a TON!

And I’m still hoping the Alpharetta Figure Drawing Group resumes in person this summer or at least by the fall. I’d love to have her get a good year of figure drawing in before she hits college!

Proko Figure 1
Proko Figure 2